"'Insatiable' rumbles in with the grinding metallic title track, and a chorus that winds round you slowly and sends you into an brief uptempo rant just short of the end. 'The Devil's Game' and 'Ammunition' in particular are modern hook-laden hard rockers, set to damage floorboards, live whilst closing two 'Heart Faliure' and 'Ugly Inside' take a more progressive mantle but are still massive on infectuousness and substance. Smoothed out from end to end across the top by Alli Chastain's sultry range, 'Insatiable' stakes this band's claim to fame right where they set their eight feet.

As the chorus on 'Ammunition' testifies... they've got their 'finger on the trigger...finger on the trigger.'"

"'Ugly Inside' closes everything off and opens with a neat riff from Instigator Jon and the lyrics and vocal delivery from Alli maintains the angst levels that will speak to the masses..."

"'Heart Failure' is a more thoughtful bass lead track with some sublime playing from Eric Blythe..."


"Hey Rock fans! If you want to hear a band that's full of energy and has a Southern Hard Rock flavor, then The Violet Hour is for you."

"This dynamic team puts on an amazing live performance as well."

"Please do your ears a favor and go buy a copy now."

"The Violet Hour gets Keyline's 5 key approval."

"Forget about 'Black Oak Arkansas.' They need to change the name of Fort Smith to 'The Violet Hour Arkansas.'  These guys are the real deal!"- Mark "The Animal" Mendoza, Twisted Sister

"Great musicians - old skool classic rock.  A pleasure to work with.  These guys rock!" - Henry K, The Real Radio Show

"The throaty vibrations and high grade amped up vocals are delivered without apology and with a masterful mix of Hard Rock. Folksy Grunge with enough clarity to know you are in the room with some gifted folks who play to a generation beyond the 70's."

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  • Jan 20
    The Artistic Bean,  Fort Smith
  • Jan 27
    Hero's,  Fort Smith
  • Mar 10
    Bad Ass Renee's,  Tulsa


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