The Violet Hour

Ignite the powerful flame of passion.  Rekindle the faintest flicker of hope.  Incinerate any regret, and watch our past mistakes and bad decisions crumble and wither to ashes that float away on the breeze.  Warm our hands.  Thaw our hearts.  Embrace the fire within us and feel the heat consume any lingering doubt.  Let it burn, as we in turn, touch our flame to the next torch and watch it, too, ignite. 

The members of The Violet Hour know what it's like to be downtrodden and to face an uphill battle.  We know what it feels like to lose, to be unlucky, unpopular, and most of all... To be human.  "I was never a popular person growing up.  I was that nerdy orchestra girl," says lead singer Alli.  "Music has always been a refuge for me, and that's what the guys in The Violet Hour and I want our music to be for our fans - a safe place to experience all the emotions of life, get inspired, and realize you are not alone.  That's what 'Ignite' is all about." 

"Ignite" will be available worldwide February 18, 2017, and available for pre-sale on February 11, 2017. 


The Violet Hour began as a big dream and a small acoustic duo in the Fall of 2010. From 2010-2012, The Violet Hour grew from duo to band, from local to regional, and by 2013 had established a strong regional presence in the mid-south U.S. In 2014, the band continued to grow and break into new territory, beginning with a trip to the East Coast in March. While in New York, The Violet Hour performed on The Real Radio Show in Long Island alongside a legend, Mark “The Animal” Mendoza of classic hair metal band Twisted Sister. After The Violet Hour’s performance, Mendoza said, “Forget about ‘Black Oak Arkansas.’ They need to change the name of Fort Smith to ‘The Violet Hour, Arkansas.’ These guys are the real deal!” In 2015, The Violet Hour kept the southern highways hot, traveling from Arkansas to Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Missouri. In 2016, The Violet Hour returned to the East Coast on the Insomniac Tour, a cross-promotion with drummer, Jake’s, show Wired Insomnia Podcast. 


In 2017, fans can expect to see The Violet Hour on the “Ignite” tour promoting the new album through the Midwest and Southeast US in AR, OK, TX, TN, MO, CO, NV, UT, AZ, AL, and FL.


Alli and Instigator Jon, along with Jake on drums, Tye Tanic on guitar, and John The Barber on bass have developed a classic yet alternative sound that ranges from sections of haunting vocals to roaring anthems to melodic metal grooves. The unique sound creation was described perfectly by the late music reviewer Jon Kirk Edwards when he said, “The throaty vibrations and high grade amped up vocals are delivered without apology and with a masterful mix of Hard Rock. Folksy grunge with enough clarity to know you are in the room with some gifted folks who play to a generation beyond the 70’s.”



The Violet Hour can be heard on terrestrial FM, satellite, and internet radio stations and podcasts throughout the world, including:  Maximum Threshold, Indie Castle, UNregular Radio (Boston, MA), Metal Moose Radio, 2loco Radio, The Edge (Little Rock, AR), The Fort 94.5 (Fort Smith, AR), Radio Crystal Blue and Rok Out Radio (PA), PAW Cinematic (GA), Bay Area Radio, Rock Solid Pressure, WRBC 91.5 FM (ME), The Rocket 104.7 FM (OK), WDYN 100.1 FM (NY), WRRY 100.1 FM (IL), 95.7 FM The Panther (GA), Radio Memphis (TN), Tricity Local Music, AR Rockin Hog Radio, and many others.  


You can download and/or stream The Violet Hour's music from your favorite digital music sources including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, iHeartRadio, Last FM, Deezer, Spotify, CD Baby, Google Play, X-Box Music, Pandora, and more!


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Alli Chastain - Lead Vocals & Electric Cello

Alli's "wicked pipes" are The Violet Hour's secret weapon. As the founding member of the band, Alli is the driving force behind The Violet Hour. Among her musical credentials, Alli was classically trained on the cello, an All-Region and All-State cellist, and she also plays guitar, piano, and several other instruments.

Alli began performing at the age of 5, and ventured into songwriting at the age of 12. She rallied her first band - an all girl rock band - at the age of 16. Her past projects include BitterSweet (2003-2006) and Untold Story (2006-2008). Alli consecutively received the Screamie Award for Arkansas Female Rock Vocalist of the year in 2012 and 2013.

When asked about her favorite memories, Alli cites singing a duet with Jim Dandy of Black Oak Arkansas . Alli also recalls, "When we had the opportunity to open for Thin Lizzy, Marco Mendoza approached me as I walked off the stage and told me I have great pipes! What a huge compliment, coming from someone who has literally heard people sing all over the world. He definitely put a smile on my face."


Instigator Jon - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Instigator Jon is a guitarist for The Violet Hour.  The Instigator began his music career playing the saxophone in jazz and gospel bands and a funk fusion duo.  He later picked up the bass guitar for a family band project, and eventually followed in his father's footsteps playing the guitar.

Jon's dad was a great jazz guitarist, and Jon remembers him with every evening "run of the scales."  "I hope to honor his memory by melting faces!" says Jon.  Along with the rest of The Violet Hour, the Instigator has had the pleasure of warming up the stage for many national and international acts including Black Star Riders (aka Thin Lizzy), Alien Ant Farm, Texas Hippie Coalition, Saving Abel, and several others.

Jon's favorite memory from one of these shows was when Damon Johnson of Black Star Riders approached him after The Violet Hour's set.  "He let me know I was doing a great job of creating a full sound as the band's only guitarist. That was the greatest compliment I've ever received!"


Jake Gibson - Drums

Jake Gibson, drummer for The Violet Hour, has been playing drums his entire life, from the time he was old enough to grip sticks. As a small child, Jake began studying his heroes, including Vinnie Paul, Jon Bonham, Tommy Lee, and Bill Ward.  He drummed on couch cushions, pots and pans, and anything he could arrange around himself into a makeshift drum kit.

Jake's former projects included Reckless N’ Dangerment (rock band) 2004-2005, Sons of Osiris (rock band) 2006, Epic Chaos (rock band) 2007-2008, and Brandon White & The Essentials (singer/songwriter/rock) (2010-2011).  Jake has played a Mapex kit for more than a decade and is continuously pleased by the quality, sound, endurance, and appearance of his kit.

Jake has had the honor of sharing the stage with national and international artists Pop Evil, Mindset Evolution, Black Lodge, Calabrese, Saving Abel, Mark Mendoza (Twisted Sister), John DeServio (Black Label Society), Black Oak Arkansas, Black Star Riders (aka Thin Lizzy), Alien Ant Farm, and Texas Hippie Coalition. 

Jake and his lovely wife and co-host, Amanda Panda, produce Wired Insomnia Podcast, a weekly show that discusses current events, hot topics, and strange news stories, while playing music from your next favorite unsigned bands!  Click here to listen:


Tye Tanic - Guitar

Tye Tanic, guitarist for The Violet Hour, loves classical and metal music, and he plays anything with strings, especially violin, guitar, and bass. When Tye first started playing the guitar as a young teenager, he spent his summers learning to play entire albums from start to finish, such as the Metallica Master of Puppets album.

When Tye first met his current band mates from The Violet Hour in 2012, he was playing lead guitar for a local metal band called Masking Vanity. Tye started hanging out with TVH getting to know them. In 2015, The Violet Hour decided it was time to add another guitarist to the band.  Tye was excited to become part of the bamily and join the TVH journey.

John The Barber - Bass

John The Barber, an experienced musician of 20+ years, joined The Violet Hour as bass player in February 2017.

Prior to joining The Violet Hour, John and TVH drummer, Jake, performed together in a local project in their hometown, Fort Smith, AR, called Epic Chaos.